About Our Team

Our online casino team consists of qualified specialists. Each has his personal history, experience, and skills. That makes our work become better and of higher quality. Thus customers receive high-quality services using this portal. 

Our today's material, we have prepared to introduce you to the team that provides services in the betting portal. In this article, readers will learn detailed information about the team.

Meet the Team

Our casino group specialists are true professionals. In our team of experts, you can meet a variety of people. Each employee has certain qualities and abilities. Many specialists have more than five years of experience in online casinos. Our team includes:

  • technical support specialists;
  • managers;
  • designers;
  • accountant;
  • marketing specialists.

The staff of the bookmaker's portal is well aware of what the user who goes to our site wants to get. They do everything possible to ensure that all customers are satisfied after visiting the site. 

Our Experts

The work of the online casino directly depends on the team. Because it is the quality work of the staff that allows you to improve service and products, that is why the owners of gaming platforms hire professionals for their teams. 

Get acquainted with the online casino community. Below are the employees who ensure the quality of the casino:

Casino Author Madeline Harvey

Madeline Harvey

The 35-year-old American takes the position of a senior manager. Madeline is in charge of finding employees and managing some online casino processes;

Alaina Newton

At 52, an American woman became an online casino analyst. Alaina studied at a distinguished university and earned a degree in finance science. She worked in her specialty for several years. But, later became a gambling expert;

Casino Author Alaina Newton
Casino Author Denis Ross

Denis Ross

This young man developed the design of our betting platform. The 29-year-old American has terrific taste and knows how to make the site attractive.

There are many more people on our team. It isn't easy to talk about all of them in one article. Therefore, we have highlighted only these three people since most of the quality work of the online casino depends on them. 

Our Story

The history of our betting portal is quite rich. Over the years, our gaming platform has been repeatedly nominated for prestigious awards. We have repeatedly received awards for our achievements in the online casino field. 

From the section about online casino information, users can learn that the platform owner developed it for a reason. He wanted to create a bookmaker that would meet all users' requirements. Since, at that time, there were not many platforms on the Internet that provided quality services. 

Since the launch of the bookmaker portal, it has gained tremendous popularity. But, simultaneously, the team of specialists will not stop. This platform will continue to improve in the future. In it, users will be able to get the best services. 

Core Values

We adhere to specific values to remain in demand and provide quality services. We always try to follow the following principles of work:

  • integrity. Clients can be sure that we offer them only fair game conditions. Certificates from independent auditing organizations can prove this;
  • quality. Our online casino expert is prudent in developing each element of the platform. Thanks to this, each user can quickly understand the work of the game institution;
  • availability. We do everything possible to improve our platform. So that more and more people can use our betting portal;
  • security. Specialists have taken care to protect our customers from hacker attacks. We use only reliable data encryption methods.

All of the above values allow us to make our about online casino what it is. We will adhere to them in the future. As the only way we can improve our service and please our users. 


When getting to know our online gambling community, some may have questions. Users often send them to our email. We have selected the most popular questions and answered them. Below you can find an answer to your question.

Who is responsible for the design of the betting portal?

A separate design and art team works on the design of our betting portal. Denis Ross, 29 years old, heads them. The design team regularly looks through the design trends of online casinos. Then they develop a unique design for our betting platform.

How did this betting portal start?